Competitor analysis

Control and monitoring automation - always be one step ahead!

  • Compare your site's performance with competitors' sites
  • Control the capabilities of competitors
  • Analyze important parameters on visual reports
  • Improve your website performance to win the competitive race
  • Be always one step ahead!

Benefits of competitive analysis

Full analysis of the competitive environment and business opportunities

Assistant monitors competitors

Competitor analysis is carried out every day. You need just to add competitors in advance to receive automatic data on the development of sites you are interested in.

Comparison of competitors

Comparison of site metrics

Revalin checks competitors using the same algorithms as for your sites. Find out with a visual example whether your site is better or worse than competitors' ones, what works well, and what needs to be improved.

Competitor analysis

The system will warn about changes

A competitor is developing his site and wants to bypass you by any measure?

The system will track all changes and warn you about them. You will be able to make a counter move before it affects the profit of your business.

SEO analysis

A ready plan that will help you outpace the competition

An internal system of assessment of the detected problems will help you arrange the work on your website correctly. Get an action plan with tips and recommendations on improving your website and outpace your competition by all metrics.

Improve the site

Complete and understandable reports

You will see all the current site parameters and vectors of its development in a visual report.

Comparison of competitors
Performance indicators ranking
Dynamic monitoring
Dynamic Monitoring


A special website comparison report will show all the indicators by which you are ahead of competition or not.


With the help of visual diagrams, you can easily understand how your site is more effective than competitors' ones.

The system records the performance of competitors over time.You need just to add competitors in advance to receive automatic data on the development of sites you are interested in.

The system captures the performance of competitors over time. It is enough to add competitors in advance to receive automatic data on the development of the sites you are interested in.


You know everything about your competitors!

Carry out competitor analysis with just a few clicks. Learn about even the smallest changes on competitors' websites and be the leader of the market!

Just add competitors' sites to the system.

Online Assistant Revalin helps to:

Automate surveillance and monitoring

Revalin checks over a hundred characteristics on dozens of sites every day. And all this is done automatically. No more manual and routine analytics!

Search for vulnerabilities of competitors

Revalin looks for weaknesses and vulnerabilities on competitors' websites and creates plans for how you can outflank your business rivals in the competition.

Maintain positions in the market and lead the field

With the help of Revalin, you will always know how your competitors are developing. This will help to work closely with the market and determine the vector of business development.