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What is useful Revalin

With our service, finding competitors and comparing their performance with those of your own site is easy. Revalin has convenient functionality, so you can simply enter the address of a web resource and get a list of the most similar sites in a matter of minutes.

As a result, we will provide a detailed analysis of competitor sites in terms of technical condition, speed, traffic indicators and SEO.

In addition, we send a detailed report, give advice and recommendations that will help you develop your site, outperform competitors and get more profit.


What criteria are used to analyze similar sites?

With the help of the Revalin system, you can monitor the following indicators of competitors:

  • Traffic and audience engagement.
  • SEO audit results.
  • Number of backlinks.
  • Domain rating.
  • Speed characteristics.
  • Website structure.

By carefully evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, you can integrate the knowledge gained into improving your resource, thereby increasing traffic, user engagement and increasing the position of the site in the ranking.


Why search for similar sites?

The search for similar web resources is needed to quickly identify niche competitors, study their sites, see what methods they use to promote and how they attract organic traffic.

After analyzing the information received in detail, you will be able to take into account the mistakes of competitors, and take advantage of the strengths, adapt to your business and take a better position in the market.

To automatically search for such sites and analyze them, you can use the Revalin service. By monitoring regularly, you will know the number of competitors in the market, what traffic sources they use, how they attract and retain customers.

User experience

Who needs to search for similar sites

If you are new to business

and want to promote your product, then searching and studying competitors will help you understand the basics of promotion and build your own development strategy.

If you are a niche brand creator

Searching for similar resources on the Internet will give you an idea of which products or services to focus on.

If you are an experienced business owner

and do not want to lose positions in the ranking, regularly monitor competitors to always be one step ahead.