Monitoring of business performance 24/7

Speed, traffic, user experience, SEO

Software protection for your business

Revalin analyzes site security metrics 24/7. If the system suddenly detects something suspicious, you will instantly receive an alert about the problem and its possible consequences for the site.


Brand safety

Revalin monitors even potential problems that could impact user experience. They are under special control. If the system detects even slight deterioration, you will instantly receive a message about it. Also, you will receive detailed information on how this problem can be solved without reputational losses.


Financial protection 

The system monitors situations that may lead to financial losses. Slow speed, errors, lack of logic in the structure and navigation - Revalin will detect any problems immediately.

Financial losses

Investment control

You need to invest money in your website wisely. Revalin analyzes KPIs and shows the results of each specific type of investment: from contextual advertising to social media marketing. Also you can check how your team is working. What if they just imitate their activity? With Revalin, you will find this out in the very first report.


Business protection

  • Every second. Checking the website work directly in users' browsers.
  • Every minute. Website health check.
  • Everyday. Checking the website performance and its separate elements.
  • Every week. Detailed scanning and site diagnostics.
  • Every month. Potential assessment and competitive analysis.

Additional features of Revalin

More features for the same price

Consultant, assistant and analyst of online business

Get practical tips and tricks to improve your site. The most understandable and step by step.

Checking the completed work

Reduce website maintenance costs

Follow the system recommendations and achieve results at no additional cost. Revalin automates routine work, and you can reduce expenses for specialists.

Workflow automation

Look what else Revalin can do

An overview of opportunities and solutions to increase the profit of your online business

Site audit
SEO analysis
Website maintenance
Site speed
Site traffic analysis
User Experience Check
Competitor analysis

Site audit

Deep check of all site pages, images, scripts and code. System carries out technical analysis, download speed and internal optimization checks every week, but speed rates are controlled every minute. 

SEO analysis

Constant audit of site optimization and technical condition improves site search engine ranking. Track the quality of inbound links and organic traffic growth in real time and instantly become aware even of the slightest promotion problems.

Site health monitoring 

Online monitoring controls how the main website elements work in real time, 24/7. The system controlls performance drops, crashes and browser errors.

Load speed control

The system analyzes the site speed on its servers and directly in user's browser. Control is carried out at once by three metrics (server response time, time to interactive, full load time), what make found problems easier to solve.

Traffic monitoring system

Revalin automates monitoring and analyzing of site traffic, bounce rates and conversions. The system notifies about changes of metrics, what allows you to fix errors or malfunctions quickly.

User Experience Check

Special algorithms check how visitors work with site, whether they have any problems with it. If the user experience can be improved, the system will make special recommendations.

Competitor analysis

Find out with a visual example whether your site is better or worse than competitors' ones, what works well, and what needs to be improved. And in the reports, you will immediately receive recommendations on how to improve your site and gain a strong competitive advantage.